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  • RⅢIntelligent sorting system

    Edgard varese of independent research and development of science and technologyⅢIntelligent sorting system can satisfy the express industry and electricity demand for efficient logistics package sorting,Has made a number of patented technology。Through the high speed sorting system based on sorting robots、Industrial read code technology combined with the software system,Read the code to achieve small package、Weighing、Volume measurement and sorting work;By identifying the parcel barcode information,Connection data center for parcel logistics related information,Automatically assigned sorting's mouth,Achieve rapid sorting function。Below the mouth can connect packing station,To achieve more efficient、Quick sorting requirements。

  • Intelligent forklift typeWR-AGV-IF

    Intelligent forklift type(Intelligent Forklift)AGVIt can realize automatic bearing tray lifting handling work,Suitable for different height of cargo,Automatic loading and unloading of large cargo,Completely replace the function of the traditional forklift。More used in the factory and factory warehouse stacking shelves,Can be compatible with the manual forklift operation。

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