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1、The basic requirement of good manufacturability of the fixture   (1)The composition of whole fixture structure,Should be…[For more information]
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    Wuxi Cheng precision machinery manufacturing co., LTD. In order to design、Manufacture of precision stamping die、Precision plastic mold、Precision components processing、Precision mold manufacturing、Stamping production、Precision jigs and fixtures、PRESSParts production,Professional company mainly automation equipment。

    Companies solid technical strength,Has a large number of precision molds and parts processing professional and technical personnel and sophisticated processing equipment。The company has established a complete internal quality management system,And passedIS09001Quality system certification。

    Precision mould products in China in the international market occupies a large price advantage,Precision mold market in short supply situation。Cheng precision machinery room for precision mold and provide professional technical solution and precision parts ,Products used in precision plastic mould?Metal stamping mould?Die casting mould?Precision tooling and precision automation machinery, and many other fields,To provide customers with precision parts processing and comprehensive solutions。 Stamping parts processing is by means of stamping equipment power,The deformation of sheet metal in the mould is directly force and deformation,To obtain a certain shape,Size and performance of the product parts,Stamping process can be divided into two major categories of separation process and forming process。Stamping mold known as used by stamping mold,Die is the material(Metal or nonmetal)Batch processing into salt pieces of special tools required。

    The company based on the principle of quality qualification,Efforts to do every step from raw materials to the finished product。At a rapid speed,Provide customers with qualified products,And through continuous improvement,Constant innovation,To make customers satisfied。

    Wuxi Cheng precision machinery manufacturing co., LTD. The main room:Precision components processing,Precision mold manufacturing,Stamping parts manufacturer,Tooling\/fixture design,Precision machining、Precision parts processing,The equipment is advanced,The strength of a solid。

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Stamping parts manufacturers,Wuxi Cheng teng precision machinery manufacturing co., LTD. The main high precision metal stamping parts,Precision mold manufacturing,Stamping mold production,Machining parts,Precision components processing,Precision jigs and fixtures,Non-standard parts processing,Manufacturer directly supply
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