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  Foshan nanhai an iron core manufacturing co., LTD(http://www.guiganghaier.cn/)Is one of the world's largest professional manufacturer of iron core,It happened“Steel”And“Nicore”Two professional core brands。

  Companies specializing in the production of silicon steel sheet and amorphous、Superfine crystalline soft magnetic materials, etcTransformer coreWinding coreCategories includeRing type iron coreRType iron coreOType iron coreCType iron core、Power volume core and core。Laminated iron core types include step laminated core,Inclined seam laminated iron core,Rectangular laminated iron core、EIIron core, etc。Products are widely used in electronic transformer、Power transformer、Transformer、Reactor、Sensors、Voltage regulator、The power transformer、Leakage protection switch、Electric welding machine、Magnetic amplifier and instrumentation and other industries。Company in line with the designed"The core"Meaning of the enterprise concept,Constantly to overcome technical challenges,Constantly improve the quality of the product,Constantly develop new products,New markets and new equipment,Occupy a pivotal position in the same industry。2010Years,Company to strengthen the development of new equipment,Cooperate with equipment manufacturers of professional research and development of automatic core production equipment,Including automatic core winding machine、Automatic silicon steel sheet transverse shear line, etc,The automation of the company。At the same time also to the transformer core manufacturing industry production automation has made a contribution。

  According to my companyISO9001The quality management system requirements,Established a set of complete quality management system,And through the GermanTUVQuality system certification bodyISO9001:2008International quality system certification, We all core products have passed the European UnionRoHsDetection。

  The company is founded1995Years,Company building area of nearly45000Square meters,Employees400Many people,A month can produce500Ten thousand all kinds of iron core,To the world(Including the world500To be strong)Provide all kinds of high quality iron core transformer enterprises,Well received by users。In the face of big customer,We provide customization service mode,Meet the demand of customers personalized mass production,Set up dedicated research and development and production team,Independent workshop and workshop,Can provide the best quality service。

  In order to better serve the Chinese and foreign customers,Steel in foshan, guangdong、Qingyuan in guangdong and jiangsu have three production base in suzhou,Set up sales companies in Hong Kong,In the United States、The United Kingdom、Thailand has set up a representative office。

  Companies pay attention to enterprise culture construction,Committed to provide employees with a full of vitality and passion of working and living environment。Company set up the party branch、The unions、And the youth corps cell,Actively carry out various cultural activities,To provide various services for employees,To increase the cohesion of the staff。

  More than dedicated transformer core r&d and manufacture20Years,Steel is still does not forget beginner's mind,Innovation,The pursuit of perfection,Make transformer products together with our clients。



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