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                  About us

                  mg游戏appIs an enterprise specializing in the production of packaging,Is located in the world-famous oracle's hometown--Henan anyang。The company was founded in2003At the beginning,Self-support right of production,After ten years development of existing staff150More than one,Professional and technical personnel30More than one,College degree20More than one,Production workshop15000Square meters,Has the international advanced equipment and production technology,And pay attention to cultivate the production and management personnel,To further strengthen new product development ability and good product quality。At present, the company has blown film、Printing、Four bag one-stop production lines,Other new equipment is in order。 

                  The company has own design to the workshop,Has a strong research and development ability,Sample update quickly,Design and development for the general customers the fashion、Innovative products。The main products are:High-grade non-woven bag、All sorts of inside pocket、All kinds of self-styled zipper bag、Compound bag、All kinds of garment bags、Designer handbag and so on the many kinds of plastic bag。 

                  Since the establishment of adhering to the company “Strives for the survival by the quality,With science and technology innovation,Take the market as the guidance”The management idea,Pursuing the principle of the supremacy of customers,We sincerely invite you to visit!






                  Long An area in anyang city henan province anyang city Long An wenchang road industrial packaging materials

                  mg游戏app,Specialize in Grinding sandbag Card bag OPPPacking bag Composite bags Film non-woven bags Kraft paper bags PEZipper bag Hand bag And so on,Please consult our interested customers,Contact phone number:18337288887   Disclaimer   

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