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Group address:China henan xinxiang Jin Sui avenue(In the east)688Chamber of commerce building,BSeat27Layer  Group call:0373—5020828  Fax:0373-5020828   The website construction:Founded in powerLuoyang


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Dan in weihui municipal environmental protection technology co., LTD. By weihui municipal chunjiang cement co., LTD Cement kiln collaborative treatment of solid waste technology renovation project Public participation in eia of the public at a time
“The spring flowers、In the summer of swimming、Autumn SheCu、Play with snow in winter” Baoquan shakotan coast2019Around with you
The moon reflected baoquan,Poetry dance much--2018Their hometown in henan province·The Mid-Autumn festival gagaku hearing great appreciation
【The hope project•University of interpreta dream】Help poor students interpreta dream autumn riverside group
Another year autumn Cliff on the right foot——2019China on foot • National conference on foot cliff taihang baoquan stand perfect ending
To treasure springs Find a drunken beauty
Fled the city Baoquan mountains25°CMore suitable for the temperature of water
【Give prize in henan province The poverty alleviation】Huixian:“Tourism+online celebrit”Open the new mode of poverty
【Sun stop pursuit of beginner's mind The heat but I red songs loud】Riverside group2019Red education in dabie mountain again
  Looking for beginner's mind,Feel the party spirit。The riverside group chairman hong-mei zhang led the first batch of party members and cadres to the dabie mountains“July 1”After the thematic party day activity,7Month19Day,Riverside group party committee organization again40More outstanding party members and cadres、The party workers,Miles of red revolutionary base——The dabie mountains。

       Riverside group, is located in xinxiang of henan province,Founded in2006Years9Month,The pei village saemaul undong“How to reside”After the project“In comfort”
Engineering。Since2007Years4Cement industry plate first clinker production line construction,So far has developed into a set of building materials、Tourism、
Chemical industry、Electric power、Financial and e-commerce, etc into an integrated whole、Diversified group of companies。

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