• History Events of JJ

    History Events of JJ

    Preferred Quality Supplier for Key Parts’Integrated Solution in Appliance Industry

    The Global Biggest Manufacturer of Refrigerator Thermostats

    History Events of JJHT Company

    In 1982, brought in SAGINOMYA thermostat production lines from Japan

    In 2000, Jiujiang Hengtong Auto-Control Device Co.,Ltd.established

    In 2001,production lines for refrigerator thermostatsstarted to run

    In 2003, constructed new workshops about 10,000 square meters

    In 2004, set up lines to produce ther




Jiujiang HengTong AutoControl Device Co., Ltd. (HT) is a joint-stock company, which located in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. It found in November of 2000. The southern is Lushan Mountain, which known in the world, northern is Yangtze River. There is only 1 kilometer from Jiujiang Port, 5 kilometers from Jiujiang Railway (Bus) Station or freeway, and 110 kilometers from Changbei airport (Nanchang).

Our main products involve thermostats, thermostat assembly (hoursing), LED lights, all kinds of injection molded parts, pumps, capillary. They are widely used for refrigerator, freezer, water dispenser, home or car air conditioner, environmental conditioning, oil fryer, electric water heater, oven, washing machine, dishwasher and other appliances.

All factories are located in Jiujiang. In addition, the company has more 1500 employee. The annual capacity is more than 40 million thermostats, 30 million units of thermostat assembly (including injection molded parts and LED lights), 40 million LED lights, more than 20 million pumps, and 1000 tons capillary. “People-Oriented, Faith Based, High Quality and Rapid Development” is our goal. The company has been qualified the ISO9001-2008 and ISO14000. Our products have been approved by VDE, TUV, UL, C-UL, CE, SGS, CCC, CQC and EX explosion-proof certification. All the material can meet ROHS requirements. Completed and advanced testing equipments are used to control out products, such asThermal Shock Tester,AOI,ICT,ROHS detector, the lifetime tester, which was imported from Japan, etc. The independent R&D department can do reliability test, humidity test, salt spray and other safety tests. For providing higher quality product and service that is more professional to customer, different dedicated production lines and strict quality control are available......

  • corporate culture

    corporate culture

    Core values

    Quality, integrity and excellence

    "High quality products, high reputation brand, noble morality, high benefit management" is the best management of the company.

  • management idea

    management idea

    Good faith, quick and flexible

    Customer first, honesty

    Honesty is the capital of the world

    Honesty, law-abiding and sound management

  • Enterprise spirit

    Enterprise spirit

    The famous American management scholar Thomas Peter once said: "a great organization can survive for a long time, the most important condition is not structure, form and management skills, but we call that spirit of faith and belief of the organization of all members of the appeal."

  • Enterprise direction

    Enterprise direction

    We are developing towards diversification and collectivization, with Jiujiang Xin Hengtong Real Estate Co., Ltd. and HSBC silver micro credit company. These projects operate well and greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.



  • Contact us

    Contact us

    Add:Gangxing Road No.18,Chengxigang Zone,

       Development Zone,Jiujiang,Jiangxi,China.

    Tel: 86-792-8360111

    Q Q: 909906129

    Fax: 86-792-8360222

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