Full of qualifications,Has many patent technology

Has a plant area 10000 Square meters;CNC bending machine 3 Taiwan,Laser cutting machine 2 Taiwan,High precision CNC punch press 1 Taiwan,Numerical control shearing machine 4 Taiwan

High and new technology enterprise certification

With more than 10 patents certification

Have the relevant environmental protection engineering construction qualification,To ensure construction quality


Management practices,Professional、Efficient

The company's technical team and management team gradually highly educated

Quality management system certification certificate

As a high-tech enterprises,The technology and r&d staff account for a third

Has a group of more than20Years of design experience、Production and management of the backbone


Safe and reliable equipment,Operational cost is low

Professional technical team and the processing equipment support

Fully evaluate the rationality of the design drawings,Optimize the structure of equipment improvement Suggestions are presented,To effectively control the time and cost of capital,To ensure the safe and reliable equipment operation

20Years of experience in technical engineers and after-sales team,All sorts of problems in the process of timely solve your equipment operation

Flexible production emergency preplan clients are in urgent need to solve,Ensure the delivery date


Perfect after-sale service system

Around the clock24Hours of service,Build customer satisfaction than expected

1Years warranty,10Years of service

In strict accordance with the United StatesGEThe service standard of service customers

There is a problem,In the province2Hour rapid response,Processing speed is fast

  • · Experts read:Has basic figure out the cause of air pollution by heavy beijing-tianjin-hebei and surrounding areas
  • 2017Years4Months,Our country carried out the atmospheric pollution causes and research projects,Collect domestic2000A number of environmental science、Atmospheric sciences、Meteorological science and industry management and so on outstanding scientists and researchers,Heaven and earth, and build the comprehensive three-dimensional network,Through the field observation、The comprehensive research methods such as laboratory analysis and numerical simulation,Joint research focus,At present have been hammered out in and around beijing-tianjin-hebei atmosphere the cause of heavy pollution,Realize the process of heavy pollution of sophisticated quantitative description。

  • · The ecological environment:A new round there are new measures for the control of air pollution
  • The ecological environment vice-minister ZhuangGuoTai routine briefing on at the state department said,A new round of work some new measures for the control of air pollution。For example,In the aspect of science and technology support,Launch the atmospheric pollution causes and research projects,The key of beijing-tianjin-hebei“2+26”A study on track channel the city's air pollution causes,Also put forward“A city”Integrated solutions,For each city put forward the corresponding management technology solutions。