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  • Science and technology industrial parkScience and technology industrial park developed by hefei hi-tech construction investment group co., LTD,The project is located in high-tech zone weir parker technology park,Yang Linlu in the north、The pearl of south road、Camphor avenue in the west、Heather road in the east,The high-tech zone、Administrative area、By the open area surrounded by,Adjacent to set one's post to better men motorway traffic is convenient,With complete supporting facilities surrounding life。The project occupies191m,A total construction area of nearly18Million square meters,Altogether36Building monomer,Attract more than66Family enterprises,Meet the...
  • China science parkChina, science park project by hefei hi-tech asset management co., LTD(The original hefei China, science and technology development co., LTD)The development and construction,Avenue east to science,Dream garden road on the south,Sky column road on the west,Investec road on the north,Covering an area of about120m,The construction area15.4Million square meters,Altogether18Building monomer,Attract more than130Family enterprises,Address the office in the company、Research and development、Consultation、Production of a variety of requirements。...
  • The Chinese academy of sciences institute of quantum information and quantum science and technology innovationThe project is located in hefei high-tech zone wangjiang road、Encrinite south road、The swallow river road and the high voltage corridor surround close area,The project total investment of about70One hundred million yuan,With a total investment of about one period40One hundred million yuan。Net planning land area of about724m,A total construction area of about64Million square meters,Contains scientific research office and life supporting area two functional areas。Construction project is divided into two phases:A total construction area of about36.5Million square meters,Mainly1#Research activities building、1#-15#Experts building、The scientific research...
  • China university of science and technology of high-tech zoneThe project is located in hefei high-tech zone innovation avenue、The swallow river road、Encrinite south road、Changfu promotes surround close area,The total area1180m,Planning a total construction area of about79.5Million square meters,A total construction area of about42.9Million square meters,The main construction book education center、Student apartments、The dining room、The gym、The teachers and students activity center and college buildings such as monomer。...
  • When the valley science and technology parkProject is located in hefei high-tech zone wangjiang road with the hing road jiaokou northwest corner,Planning and construction land527m,A total construction area of about90Million square meters,One of the futures238m,A total construction area of about47.6Million square meters。The park receives“The international standard、The domestic first-class”The construction of the concept,Plans to build covers all the space、Incubator、Accelerators、Headquarters base、Fund cluster and supporting services for the integration of high-end comprehensive innovative entrepreneurial community,Around“Artificial intelligence...
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