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Shandong feiteng metal products co., LTD

The company was established in2016Years05Month31Day,Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales、Order as a whole,Specializing in opening machine bit enterprises,The company has many backbone professionals,Can provide a full range of pre-sale after sale of one-stop service。Really did it“After sales+Make to order+Long-term tracking service”Full service model。 Company's main blast furnace bit Blast furnace mouth bit A bit Four tooth bit Drill down the furnace machine Three tooth bit Bit opening machine Alloy bit, etc,Address is located in feicheng Sun Zhuang industrial park。The company has strong technical strength and the reliable technical guarantee,With advanced management idea、High quality after-sales service、Keep improving the product quality、Good prestige、Improve the scientific quality management system,Won the broad masses of old and new customers the trust and welcome,With a number of enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation。

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