Hand chain on2002Years of preparation,2003Years3Month18First store business formally,Hand chain enterprises to build industry brands,At present,“Hand”Already in xiamen6Chains、Nearly1000People's team,And nearly30000Loyal member。 Poor health care in hand2002Years12The month after forming,Has been developing steadily,Since the first since the opening of jiang head assembly hall,2005Years10Month、2012Years9Jiang head head office after secondary expansion,From2002In a layer2013In three layers;2007Years11Month...[In more detail]
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The new century,The Internet will enter a brand-new stage,The development of information technology lead to the development of other industries,Industry will be compared with it further integration and infiltration…
104793People Is his health hand members+ MORE

Xue Xiansheng:Often do good hand90Minutes of the foot bath,Free steam bath and buffet,The service is pretty good,Environment is also good is also very clean。

Thousands of women:A good choice,Environment is good,The service alsoOK!Spending time can ease some would be even better!

Mr. Huang:Often to a club,The inside of the project are tried,Like the five lines of preserve one's health,The feeling is really different。

Mr. Zhang:Technician service is good,Food is also very good,Give all five points,Value for money。The environment is also very good,Must choose senior technician。

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