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Foshan meijia ceramics equipment co., LTD is located in“China ceramic capital”——Guangdong foshan,Is a collection research and development、Manufacturing、Sales and service as one of the high-tech companies。Since the establishment in has been adhering to the industry“Technological innovation value,Service reputation in the world”The perfection of the craftsmen and the service spirit,With independent professional research team30Many people。From studying the domestic first store billet machine and brick machine,Innovative research and development。In94Years successfully developed the first domestic ceramic screen printing machine;01In the development of the domestic first roller printing machine;07The initiative“All glazed ceramic”Equipment to fill in the country“Under the glaze color”Ceramic tile the blank of process;09In the development of the domestic first ceramic ink-jet printing ink machine、Digital glaze spraying machine,The company has been leading ceramic industry process change,In order to promote the Chinese system equipment building industry unremitting efforts。
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Meijia is testing a new type of ink
Meijia is testing the new multi-functional ink,Includes peeling glaze、Subsidence glaze、Light glaze、Metal glaze、White glaze、Candy...
Meijia is being built12Digital technology building
Meijia in2016In guangzhou ceramics exhibition display The first ceramics...
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