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Mobile phone screen repair equipment manufacturers

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Repair the phone's screen

Before and after each step used equipment suitable separator, respectively,In addition to plastic machine,Laminating machine and laminating machine,Bubble machine and hot pressing machine, etc,By using the corresponding equipment,The final screen repair。

Million tao don't repair the phone's screen,Only focus on mobile phone screen repair of equipment and technology integrated solutions。

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Strength,Excellent quality,Delivery fast,The service is good

  • One
    The solid

    Years of industry experience,Set the whole screen repair equipment production、Research and development、Sales and other services,
    Products are exported to nearly 20 countries overseas。

  • Two
    The amount

    High quality imported raw materials,From the source to control the quality。The international advanced production equipment,CRD。
    The production process strictly checks,Ensure high quality。Each working procedure is a specialist to control strictly

  • 3

    Humanized service,Worry for you,And effort,More money,On the day of the order,On the day of the delivery,
    Ensure the delivery on time,7*24Hours to provide technical advisory services,Free training to learn,Handy on-site operation,24Society for hours。

  • The boss

    The machine one year warranty,Professional one-to-one life-long after-sales,Product anomaly,2Hours of personnel processing,
    Giving a refund or an exchange,Logistics cost,Foreign customers,We have cooperate with many high quality logistics companies,Can be on time、The quality of service。

About us

   Shenzhen hundred million tao shun technology co., LTD,Namely Yitaoshun,Is emerging in the field of mobile phone screen repair equipment manufacturing enterprises in China,Shenzhen joint factory house, To provide mobile phone screen repair equipment and technology integrated solutions, The product containsocaLaminating machine、Vacuum laminating machine、Touch screen laminating machine、ocaVacuum laminating machine、Vacuum separator、Vacuum defoaming machine、Laminating machine、In addition to the bubble machine、Hot press、Press machine and other equipment,Widely used in the mainstream brand mobile phone screen to repair。 

   As a well-known domestic mobile phone screen repair equipment Manufacture and technology manufacturers,We always adhere to the high quality,Dot the I's and cross the t's,The design concept of high performance The perfect combination in each equipment development and manufacturing。In the continuous efforts of all colleague、Under the technical accumulation and close cooperation,Our r&d team to develop a series of products。

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Focus on critical screen maintenance equipment to provide a whole set of solutions

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