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Jiangsu people's electric co., LTD. Is a high and low voltage electrical industry,Diversified development of medium-sized enterprises,Was established1997Years,Headquarters is located in nanjing, it is a good bridge north road west60Number,The construction area20000Square meters。The company has always been adhering to the"Let users to use better"The idea of,Committed to the broad masses of users to provide stable and reliable ac\/dc electrical products,Promoting the development of China's electrical technology。
Our main products are:Small dc circuit breakerMolded caseDc circuit breakerAc circuit breakerPhotovoltaic (pv)Dc circuit breakerSurge protectorDc fuseSuch as ac\/dc electrical components。
By the companyISO9001ISO14001ISO18001Management system certification,Products throughCCCCertification、CBCertification、ROSHCertification。The company has gold solar pv projects in China、Its transformer substation、Nanjing metro project、China's Antarctic pv projects to provide safe and reliable dc circuit breaker and other products。
As a provider of electrical products,Jiangsu people's electric dc electric appliances series products as the core,Meet the power supply system、Photovoltaic (pv)、New energy vehicles、Communications、The fire、The subway、The ship、Electrical automation industries such as equipment needs,To provide targeted products and services。

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