DYNAUDIO Esotan232、272、372,Is carefully designed specially for car audio field research and development of audio products,DYNAUDIOWith extremely strict production standards,Each speaker must pass at least86An independent quality inspection,DYNAUDIO EsotanSeries,With better cost performance can enjoy in the car the most real sweet music。

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DYNAUDIO Was established1977Years,With more than40Years experience in production of high-end speaker,DYNAUDIO 的Esotec S242、S342、S362Series,The super plasticity,The performance of high quality,Durable,Countless incomparable reputation。DYNAUDIO EsotecSeries,From the available becomes a classic。Has been imitated,Has never been surpassed。

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”Pure sound source,Such as the scene“。The business in the field of audioDYNAUDIO Esotar2 Top series,The transient response is fast,Simple sense is good,Can show the voice of even the most subtle details,With the linear and minimum distortion,No He Yin dye,An uncompromising reduction music essence,DYNAUDIO Esotar2Dream around the world have many followers。

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